Glossary of Terms

AFCN Australian Freight Councils Network

AFFA Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry (Commonwealth)

ALA Australian Logistics Assured

ALC Australian Logistics Council

AQIS Australian Quarantine Inspection Service

BAHS Business Activity Harmonisation Study

BizSys PRG Business Systems Partner Reference Group

COR Chain of Responsibility

DOTARS Department of Transport and Regional Services (Commonwealth)

FIE Freight Intermodal Efficiency PRG

GS1 A system enabling trading partners in diverse supply chains locally, nationally and globally to uniquely and accurately identify and communicate information regarding products, assets, services and locations

ICT Information and Communications Technology

ILN Integrated Logistics Network

T&L IRT Industry Round Table

PoMC Port of Melbourne Corporation

SME Small and Medium Enterprise

STS State Training System

TALC Transport and Logistics Centre

T&L Transport and Logistics

VAC Victorian Airfreight Council

VFLC Victorian Freight and Logistics Council

VLESC Victorian Learning Employment Skills Commission

VTA Victorian Transport Association